Kindergarten Däumeling.

The first 3 days

You and your child should stay at the nursery school no more than an hour. No separations!

The 4th day

The first separation (15 minutes at the most). Say goodbye to your child, leave the room, but stay close. If your child cannot be comforted, you will be asked to come back.

In that case, the next separation should be 2 or 3 days away. However, if your child can be comforted right away, the separation can be extended to the next day.

Week 2 & 3

Even if your child stays at the nursery school without any hesitation, you should pick them up after lunch. If your child handles the separations well, they can stay after lunch as well. We will talk to you about situations like sleeping for instance, to make sure that everything is according to your child's needs. In the first 3 weeks you must be reachable and you should be able to pick up your child at any given time.

Making the separation easier

If your child has an especially hard time to say goodbye to one parent, it could make sense to let the other parent accompany the child in the settling-in phase. It could be possible that a child gets used to a new surrounding quicker when they are accompanied by their father (or vice versa).

Tip: Leave a personal item in the group the first couple of days. A jacket, your purse, etc. That item might convey that you will be back later. Create some sort of rituals when you say goodbye. For instance: let your child "fly" to the educator like an airplane, wave goodbye to them through the window, and so forth.

Avoid unnecessary hesitations

Even if it is hard: try to say goodbye as quickly as possible. It is usually stressful for a child if the parting takes a long time.

Finding individual solutions

Don't be disappointed with yourself, your child, or the nursery school, if the settling-in takes longer than you thought. It is nobody's "fault". You have to be patient. Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward in a secure way. Within the relationship "parents, child, educator" we will find a solution that is fitting for your child. Remember: even if it takes longer, it will turn out well.