Kindergarten Däumeling.

Kids are people too and they also want to communicate, laugh, dance and play with each other. They want to experience new things. Our school is dedicated to the complete development of children. Every group has a generous playing, learning, and meeting room. Lunch is served in a separate room, where children can eat healthy and delicious foods.

We offer a great number of indoor-sports equipment, high-quality toys for kids of all ages, board games, playing carpets, toy cars , dolls, action figures, balls, Lego and Duplo. All these toys provide lots of fun all year long. Our team also offers a great number of child-oriented exercises, games, artistic activities and cooperative competitions to test and improve your child’s skills in every situation of life.

Our students do not have a fixed schedule and they do not get any grades, but over time, they will learn different languages, they will learn how to behave in different circumstances and they will engage in creative activities which will enrich their lives. Our educators follow a very clear-cut educational goal. The tempo and time-frame to reach that goal will vary from group to group and from child to child to meet every child’s individual needs. Our daily goal is to individually improve every child’s weaknesses and develop every child’s personal strengths.